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50-50 TWIN lyrics : "Luv My Block"

Love my block, Gulfbank and Antoine
That's the block, where I slept in them Vegas ^!$$%

That the block that fed me food when my stomach
Was touching my back mayn
And I ain't gon lie, that's the block where I done

Plucked a few dope fiends, young ^!$$% ^^&$#*
Hot nuts, you know how it go

[50/50 Twin]
On my block, you can find my cap turned backwards
Chilling with some killas, guerillas and bad actors

In the back dice game, behind the sto'
Hearts broke cause Lil' Fo', done came in the do'
I'm dealing with big ^!$$%z, that once was balling

Powder habit done went to crack, now they on the block hogging
After dark, is when the living dead start walking
^!$$%z tripping on water bottles, they got for a quarter

^!$$%z and hoes, getting they nose broke on the low
Steady losing weight, because they steady on the go
It's real, I feel every hood is the same

Everybody doing the same thang, trying to maintain
I'm trying to get on my feet, for crab and crawfish
But this water won't let me, got me falling off quick

It ain't all peaches and cream, like fake ^!$$%z make it
Me and my ^!$$%z smoking weed, and chilling in the Vacant

Ain't nobody gon love my block, like me
North-South-West-East, cutty rep your street

Ain't nobody gon love my block, like me
Bust shots kill cops, if you hate the police
Ain't nobody gon love my block, like me

Crank the barbecue pit up, let's burn some meat
Ain't nobody gon love my block, like me
From Hollywood to Garden City, it's Gulf Bank (*##$

[50/50 Twin]
I'm at a hoe house, while her ^!$$% in jail

She putting her baby to sleep, so me and her can freak
I don't who who came befo' me, or who got next
I'm just trying to get the subject, of some head address

Everybody $#&@ing everybody, that's understood
We just strap up, because them hood hoe's #~!!@ good
And a ^!$$% will be lying, and that includes me

If he say he ain't never $#&@ed, one of them young freaks
They hustle all week, and hit the club on Saturday
Hit the park on Sunday, pool hall on Monday

They getting pilled out, until they pass out
After the club, we sleeping at them hoes house
And all our money right, where the $#&@ we left it

In the morning, we smoking on some weed for breakfast
Hit McDonalds, happy meal it is
Call it tricking if you want, but I love the kids what


[50/50 Twin]
Homies in the Penn, thinking that they ^!$$%z forgot em
But that's just the way it is, they know we thinking about em

Laws come we all run, in different directions
Throw your dope on me, we gon box when they leave
Putting it down on mix tapes, with Slim Thug and Watts

That's what build anticipation, for my album to drop
Youngsters quitting school, and they fail potential
Selling for selling dope, and buying dope fiend rentals

Some ^!$$%z hustle to shine, and some for a living
The ones trying to shine, is the ones the laws getting
My real thugs, strive just to keep it alive

Selling water crack and weed, trying to make the block bleed
Ain't nothing fabricated, it's all the real truth
As I write I'm in the Penn, is some'ing being produced

I'm a victim of the game, it's a god damn shame
Everybody know the block, addicting like cocaine what


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