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50-50 TWIN lyrics : "Life Is So Unfair"

[50/50 Twin]
I penetrate eliminate, eat beef like dinner plate
Disintegrate cakes stem that hate, know I was fin to say

Roy Jones Jr. imitate, then release what's in the K
Ride off on a spin a day, plus fo' that's 28's
Provoke or stimulate, cause Twin is thinner weight

Kick your face with my Gucci Air Force, I'm pimping snakes
Run like you in a race, see the effect of the mistakes
Skin or face get a grip, you sliding on winter skates

50/50 is pissed off, just leave him alone
If he come to rob your house, just leave him your home
Until his brother get out, not for any reason he come

His gun case got every gun, swords and 53 bombs
It would be way too late, when bullets sleep in your lungs
Your heartbeat decreased completely, now your breathing is gone

Your Pastor sitting by your bedside, reading you psalms
I told you 50/50 was pissed, now just leave him alone

[Hook x8]
I feel like life is so unfair
(I feel like life is so unfair)

[50/50 Twin]
Fellas try and fellas die, bullets fly in fellas eye

Fellas end up in a wheelchair, hollows fly in fellas thigh
Hello hi tell your guy, don't pedal by metal fly
You got kids to live for, you better take your tail inside

Catch my enemy while they sleeping, give 'em pillow shots
This anger I issue out, reflects I've been through a lot
Am I on mute, does anybody hear me yelling out

Very loud I'm way too rough, in this rap game spare me now
If thug %#@! is your type of high, then inhale me now
I have so much tension, I probably could push or pet you down

Toe to toe in every round, I'm flawless I carry crowns
I'm the Paul Bearer for the circus, because I buried clowns
Look don't even jam 50/50, if you gon turn it down

Think I'm a joke, I'll put a lighter to your lip and burn your smile
I'll put a lighter to your lip, and burn your smile
I'll put a lighter to your lip, and burn your smile

[Hook x8]

[50/50 Twin]
This ain't me writing this rap, I can't control my pen
The words are coming from, another soul within

Now I'm punching on myself, like where you go with Twin
A 'Vard street block, I'm saying things Twin was holding in
Here you have the red pill, and this is the blue

Reality or dream world, whichever you choose
I'm the Neo of this rap game, possessing the juice
Download the beef stain, see what I'm fixing to do

My name ain't Santa Clause, but I chill on your roof
Put a stain on your shirt, like you spilling your juice
I'm the snake that bit your foot, when you slid in your boots

Take a murder case to trial, lose appealing and move
I got a Tech called Mr. T, that don't pity the fool
I slide down the vent in your room, and get rid of you dude

Leave your body floating about, in the shivering pool
I'm too dangerous for myself, see what I'm living will do

[Hook x8]

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