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4FT. FINGERS : One For The Road lyrics

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4FT. FINGERS lyrics : "One For The Road"

Something just a while ago told me I should go
Never thought it would have come to this
Didn't see his fist, must've missed

Drinkin' all night well that twat was pissed

And I know, it's not gonna be ok

One for the road, til I get back home

All I hear is my friends saying 'one more beer'

Then I head back to my place
I was drunk and had some cuts and bumps
10 of them and 2 of us let's go

Why is it when I feel so alive
I'm the one that's always gotta $#&@in' drive

Not a guy who can just have one
Whats the point in that and where's the fun?

After 6 I'm up to my normal tricks
Saying that I've lost my keys
So I beg you please

Buy a drink for me
And one for the trip back home

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