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4FT FINGERS lyrics : "Unite Or Fall"

There's a million and one reasons to be here
And you're just one of them
Taking everything you can for yourself

For once I wish you'd just own up and help me out
But you've got other ideas no doubt
Unite or fall

You can go through the whole of your life
Thinking you're completely on your own

Feel rejected and frustrated
With no place to call your own
Every soul for itself

But where did it all go so wrong?

Never say never, unite or fall together

Lend a hand to your fellow man (unite or fall)

With every new day comes a breath of fresh air

But some people in this world are meant to pay for it
And that ain't fair
We are the next generation

So stick together
Where did it all go so wrong?

Stand together, now and until forever
Unite or fall to one and all
Unite or fall

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