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415 : Lavish lyrics

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415 lyrics : "Lavish"

[DJ Daryl cuts up:]
(The money's still long, just livin lavish)

[VERSE 1: Richie Rich]
What is the meaning of lavish? Yo, I started with a single
My album's out, so now it's time for me to mingle

Well, 'lavish' to me is like mail, straight up
So all you hungry mutha$#&@as pick a plate up
Cause I'm about to feed you some dope %#@!

And I'ma sit and sit and sit until it's bit
I'm tired of the mutha$#&@in hype
About the black brothers gotta be a stereotype

You see, lavish is a one-way ticket
And on the back is boldly stamped: 'It's time to kick it'
Me, D-Loc, DJ Daryl and Young Tone

We put some %#@! together for the microphone
And it's lavish

[DJ Daryl cuts up:]
(Takes money to survive)

[ VERSE 2: Richie Rich ]
What is the meaning of lavish? Yo, despite the perpendicular
Rap is my sport and on girls I'm real particular

Lovin the tour shot when the fellas get to bumpin hoes
City to city in the motels be pumpin those
I ain't sweatin that, that ain't lavish

Because back in the days we used to have this
Lavish to me is watchin girls all plex
^!$$%s get to trippin cause I work Rolex

I gives a $#&@ about a ^!$$% and a punk-ass (*##$
I'm with the 415, my name is Young Richie Rich
Just a fresh young brother, no preservatives added

And that's Double R's definition of lavish

[DJ Daryl cuts up:]

(The money still love, still livin lavish)
(Takes money to survive)

[VERSE 3: Tone]
Rich, let me describe the motive of a player
But first I gotta relax my feet and smoke a tailor

Cause I'm about to spit it straight from the set
Give it to em all as lavish as lavish can get
First topic is monetary

Can you handle cash? The test is kinda scary
Cause I'm the kind of brother who has to have it lavish
(*##$es on my tip, just wish you could have this

First off, check it, I'll describe a trap
Down on the west side where the fresh get frap
Boomin-ass hot thub

With a bowl, all the (*##$es singin the rubadubdub
Caviar, wine with a cracker
And if you're pickin too hard it'll distract ya

Rollls Royce, dip into freestyle
And to the hoes on the set you know I'm drivin em wild
With the high-power Zeus and the ???? boost

Gold Rolex watches and money to boot
We keep flowin and flowin and keep showin, you know it
415's on the set, it's to the top where we're goin

And it don't stop, because the hoes still jock
And yes, players like us are still em non-stop
DJ D in the back makin em wish that they could have this

That's Tonio's definition of lavish

[VERSE 4: DJ Daryl]

What is the meaning of lavish? Yo, comin from the DJ
It's goin on tour and turntables do what I say
Spinnin and cuttin and get royalty checks

And watchin the 415 snap necks
See, I spin for a livin, but now I get paid
And see they girls say that Daryl wears a high-top fade

We're goin coast to coast, from L.A. to Miami
I'm gettin a tux cold fitted for the Grammy's
As a DJ, man look, I gotta spin it

Hook up a beat, enter a contest, win it
We're a rap group, we're hittin harder than the Beatles
But my only prime: I keep tearin up needles
When the record makes a funny sound I just grab it
And that's DJ Daryl's definition of lavish

[DJ Daryl cuts up:]
(For those that don't know: mail means money)

[VERSE 5: D-Loc]

Lavish to D is livin life with ease
Straight loungin - while my money work for me
And if the flow gets low, no sweat on mine
I just pull out the pen and put my name on the dotted line
You got a problem, the Locster can solve it

Your money well is dry, mines flow like water
I never have to worry about %#@!
I ain't livin large, ^!$$%, I'm livin lavish
Home in the hills, my own windmill
Satellite dish for the late nite tip

Freaknasty for every day of the weak
I make a ^!$$% stand guard when I'm feelin kinda sleepy
Everywhere I go people know the name
I'm in the top rank because of money and fame
Yeah, that's how I'm livin in this world of madness
And that's D-Loc's definition of lavish

[DJ Daryl cuts up:]
(Just livin lavish)

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