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404 SOLDIERS lyrics : "Walk Like A Soldier"

[chorus 1]
Walk like a soldier, talk like a soldier
Buck at them ^!$$%s, they ain't no mutha$#[email protected] soldiers

Walk like a soldier, talk like a soldier
Buck at them ^!$$%s, they ain't no mutha$#[email protected] soldiers

[Verse One]
Can't get no ???
If you do better watch your bizack

Can't get 'em, catch that click-clack
That mean these Soldierz got a hizack
Gotta get that fo-fo, rahseeda, coalition up in this (*##$

And we ain't takin' no %#@!, ATL done hit a lick
Old fake $$# clown, don't even flex
You ain't no soldier, gotta wear your vest

Or you'll catch one, two, three, four, FIVE off in your chest
We bout to (DO IT!) We fixin' to break this $#[email protected] off
We gettin' (TWO WAYED!) That 404 ain't even soft

We gonna (walk like a soldier), we gonna (talk like a soldier)
We gonna (Buck at them ^!$$%s, they ain't no mutha$#[email protected]' soldiers)
Mutha$#[email protected] better get your mind right, man $#[email protected] these foes

We bout to throw some elbows and put some meat on these hoes

[chorus 1]

[Verse Two]

What? What? Now ^!$$% don't talk the talk
If you can't walk the walk
Rasheeda, that trill (*##$ buckin ^!$$%s who soft

And if I gots to bring that fi-fi, ^!$$% you die
$#[email protected] with that 404, won't say no more,
I beat that raw ho

Who keeps the club crunk? See I just don't give a $#[email protected]
I shine it up, @@#! it back, and ask them what's up?
Cause I be droppin it, droppin it, poppin it, poppin it

Walkin it, walkin it, %#@! it ain't no stoppin it, stoppin it
Make them ^!$$%s say "damn," and hoes say "what?"
ATL forever (*##$ and we just don't give a $#[email protected]

[Verse Three]

Give me the ??, let me put em on
?? we'll take it slow, AHHH!

Reville in this fo-fo
That C-P to that E-P to that D-E-C
Lotta $#[email protected]' soldiers want to march with me

Paper chasin' is victory!
Now you can tell that I'm a soldier by the way that I walk
And you can tell that I'm a soldier by the way that I talk

I stay tatooed down, I throw my soldier rag up
I gonna keep this thang crunk, now who in the hell wanna buck?
Look at me, look in my eyes! Soldier boy, I'm ready to die!

Coup Deville, my D-A-N-K, 404 it's time to ride
College Park to D-E-C, ATL gonna follow me
East Point gunnin, Riverdale gunnin,

Rest you soldiers get to runnin!
SOLDIERS! ATTEN-TION! Come and march with me, I got
Something in my Caddy that your $$# gotta see

Tech-9, banana clip, glock nine up on my hip
In my trunk, I got more, I got enough to start a war!

[chorus 1]

[Verse Four]

Layin back in the club, tryna stay cool
But you know I gotta keep it on real, tell you how I feel
Like a fake $$# soldier thinkin that they hard like Bogus

With a fat chip on his shoulders
When you see the Chevy come around the corner
Betta cry, let your mama know its gonna get messy

Please don't test me, all that game you poppin at the club
Cause I'm really impressed, I see that
Alcohol got you thinkin that you really the king,

Now you wanna go and grab the steel
But before you do anything, I think you better watch out for
The Cadillac Coup Deville with the lights off, and the mask on
Ready to blast on anyone who thinks they +BAD+ like Michael Jack-son
Face down, on the grass, son, that's how we laid you down

And when we took all your plat-NI-um,
That's what you get for tryna be a real killa
Drug dealer, nine millimeter, where's your skrilla?
Pop a ^!$$% just to make your name bigger
Now how your punk $$# wanna be a wig splitta?

Mutha$#[email protected] betta holla now you wanna get up outta your predicament
That you got yourself in
Coalition come through like a tank
That'll leave your body stankin right next to your best friend
Black ^!$$% wanna be on my nuts, wanna be on somethin?

$#[email protected], ^!$$%, be on these slugs
The whack, on the other hand, is out of control
I can feel them hollow tips $#[email protected] them up
Streets off, wanna ride, ^!$$%s better recognize
Who the real Soldierz, fo-fo make you cry

Southside, whether not dumber ^!$$%s ain't tryna put a nine piece
Pop! Made them dumber ^!$$%s lay down

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