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3XFAST lyrics : "Nothing To Do But Laugh"

Stop talking to me
I'm trying to think
I'm getting closer to the brink

Of being crazy
I thought we would be in and out
Take it one more time from the top

And shout when you're singing
These are the things I heard all day
Did all I could to make it ok while recording

Look at you now
There's food in your way

Don't you want to get done today

Sitting on the floor we just smile and wave

As our drummer gets up says "late" and drives away
Nothing to do but laugh as we get stabbed in the back
I hope you realize that's 2 that you've jacked

Look where you stand
Tried to cripple our band

Knock us down why did you?
And if you finally fail and your music gets stale
We'll still all be right there to help you

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