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3RD STRIKE : Strung Out lyrics

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3RD STRIKE lyrics : "Strung Out"

Listen to me jesus
this disease deceives us
takes us for a flight

then shoots us down
we need some protection from this soul infection
help us save ourselves before we drown

fight on fight on

i cant release myself

calm the storm that builds inside
kill off emotions and i'm strung out again
i cant escape myself

cuz i've been running all my life
kill off emotions and i'm sturng out again

a little hit can take away my fears
and make me feel a real man
selling all i have to make me whole

i can feel the fire
fueling me now i've lost control
fight on fight on


i'm sick and tired of being sick and $#&@ing tired
heard the last shot rired walked the high wire
no desire left now that i accept

hanging by a rope seen a little bit of hope gotta cope
this aint no $#&@ing joke
cuz my next binge with the syringe might do me in

take me out
down for the count
you're living in this chaos that aint what i'm about

i see you wasing away
you look at me and you see the same

why must we be normal and sane
why must we live this life of pain


i'm just a slave headed for the grave anyway

i'm just a slave headed for the grave anyway
i'm just a slave headed for the grave anyway
i'm just a slave

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