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3RD STRIKE : Paranoid lyrics

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3RD STRIKE lyrics : "Paranoid"

Finished with my woman
cause she couldn't help me with my mind
people think i'm insane

because i'm frowning all the time
all day long i think of things
but nothing seems to satisfy

thinking i'll lose my mind
if i dont find something to pacify
can you help me? are you for my brain?

oh yeah
i need someone to show me
the things in life that i cant find

i cant see the things that make
true happiness i must be blind

the walls are closing in
i cant breathe cant sleep
afraid to live another day

too late to bow my head and prey
hate flowing through my veins
i cant change re-arrange

just a victim a casualty
war waged on humanity
lost my way in the darkness of the daylight

cant run cant hide
no love no fight
brought to my knees by this fate i cant avoid

scared of my own shadow its a battle living paranoid
make a joke and i will sigh
and you will laugh and i will cry

happiness i can not feel
so love to me is so unreal
and so as you hear these words

telling you now of my state
i tell you to enjoy life
i wish i could but its too late

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