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3LW : Take You Home For Christmas lyrics

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3LW lyrics : "Take You Home For Christmas"

[Verse 1:]
I'm feelin what you got
Boy you hot

I wanna put a lock on you
I wanna get my hands on you
With Christmas around the block

See I'm not
Not trying too late to do
All my Christmas shoppin baby

So tell you what

I wanna take you home for Christmas
I wanna wrap you up
So when I get up

I can open up to you
So say the word
I wanna take you home for Christmas

You're enough
I wanna touch
I wanna take you home for Christmas

[Verse 2:]
I know you likin what you're eyes are checkin

So come on, can you let me do
What I wanna do with you?
Got ribbon in my hand

So chill boy
Turn around and be a man
I'm not gon make the bow too tight

Cause that don't fit with my plans

[Repeat Hook]

You lookin like the gift that Santa made for me

I'm in the mood to have you right next to me
So Christmas Eve, I want you under the tree
I'm not gon lie to you

You got me in a mood

[Hook Out]

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