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3eb lyrics : "Who Me"

everybody is confused
blurry things before us
we were told

and we followed

theyre glad with what we did
life isnt simple
we thought life is a flat thing floating

its because of sugar, its really is

we listened to their every word

we danced with sugar even to her room
we have house to stand by, they let us
who me? who am i?

this significant thing scribbled in our minds
but with sugar, life is meaningless and everything

we saw everything, damn, how weird this world is
the whole truth was told to us

sometimes they make dramas, they let us
how can we go on? how can we go there?
theres the devil, screech what the

we knew everything

we ask on what about this and those

theyre playing like basketball in a court
i cant believe this place is cheap yet expensive
na, that was only dream

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa