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3 INCHES OF BLOOD : Preachers Daughter lyrics

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3 INCHES OF BLOOD lyrics : "Preachers Daughter"

In a place that the world forgot
Where mortality ruled the war
The people feared the vengeful hand of god

The preacher spun the scripture
To suit his every need
But his daughter, she could not be tamed

She was wild as she could be
Some thought the devil made her

Bring men to their knees
She brought the pleasure of sin to town
Preachers daughter

Will they ever let you be

Well the preacher tried his best

To keep the girl in line
She undermines all that he believes
The beast could not be caged

And the daughter has her way
The souls of town, they could not be saved

She corrupts all that she sees
The preacher man can't rationalize her deeds
He questions everything he's learned

Preachers daughter, now that you are free

Beware the preachers daughter

Now that she has come

Beware the preachers daughter

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