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3 INCHES OF BLOOD : My Sword Will Not Sleep lyrics

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3 INCHES OF BLOOD lyrics : "My Sword Will Not Sleep"

The gravest insult upon my house
You have dared to slight my name
Betrayed allegiance, forsake the bond

Your demise is all i seek
No rest will I take from the hunt
You'll live in fear every day

I will have my revenge
You'll die by my hand

Day by day I follow you along your path
Your allies felled by my steel

My hate is endless, it knows no bounds
All of your lands are set ablaze

Once I've found you no mercy will I show

I will have my revenge

You'll die by my hand
Until I have your head
My sword will not sleep

I will dig your grave
into the shallow ground

The worms will feed upon the flesh
of your betrayal

[Solo: Clark]

You will answer for your crimes

I will be your judge
As long as you still breathe
My sword will not sleep

I've shed much blood and tears
For years I did hunt you down

Vengeance finally mine because
My sword did not sleep

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