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3 INCHES OF BLOOD : Leave It On The Ice lyrics

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3 INCHES OF BLOOD lyrics : "Leave It On The Ice"

A sharpened blade
The smell of sweat and
Pure aggression fills the air

A burning flame
Even though it's cold your veins will burn
Scream along the boards, hard and fast

A goal in sight, you're almost there
Standing in your way, a gang of foes
There to take you down,

Give 'em all you've got

The challenge made

Leave it on the ice
Defend your team
Leave it on the ice

[Solo: Clark]

A crushing blow, Incur the wrath
You are the target
You're in his sights

A restless crowd

You must satisfy their violent lust

Throw down the gloves, look him in the eye
Your fists are primed to hit their mark
Swinging hard and fast, striking true

The crimson flies

His teeth knocked out

Leave it on the ice
Your opponent's down
Leave it on the ice

Hold nothing back, Leave it on the ice
Honour satisfied, Leave it on the ice

When rivals clash the blood will flow
No matter where you think it should go

A fighting game
Leave it on the ice

Unleash the beast
Leave it on the ice
A victory earned

Leave it on the ice
Hear the roaring crowd
Leave it on the ice

Out of the cage to fight once more
The score is settled here and now

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