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3 INCHES OF BLOOD : At The Foot Of The Great Glacier lyrics

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3 INCHES OF BLOOD lyrics : "At The Foot Of The Great Glacier"

Glory ahead, destiny awaits
A formidable feat to scale the peaks
A frozen wall beckons you to climb

Take the plunge up high where many have died
Your chance of survival is low
Icy winds are not your only for

Are you afraid

Summon your strength

Fighting the chill
Will you return
Its all for the thrill

Sharpen your skills, or it breaks your will
At the foot of the great glacier

Abominable beasts who seek to feat
At the foot of the great glacier

The challenge is great, will you be the first
The summit has never been reached before
What will your sacrifice be

No room to fail your time is now

Sink your teeth in the mountain you're beneath

At the foot of the great glacier
Your last gasp is near and you'll tremble with fear
At the foot of the great glacier

Bolster your spirit if you hope to reach
The top of the great glacier

If unprepared, your body will fall
To the foot of the great glacier

Risking your life, no fortune to gain
A chance for your tale to be told
Immortalized, your name will live on

If you can succeed in your attempt
The sickness, the altitude
The falling rocks all must be overcome

To conquer all!

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