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3 INCHES OF BLOOD : Assassins Of The Light lyrics

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3 INCHES OF BLOOD lyrics : "Assassins Of The Light"

Great and terrible are things
That feed on fear
Afflicting all the weak,

Sucking up their tears
Drain the life from those who cannot
Stand the night

Demise will manifest as $$#assins of the light
Storm clouds fill the horizon
Pitching days into night

Beseech the blackened sky
For no light shines
Call upon your sins to give you great ascent

Give no quarter to the coward
Shade of blackness holds the truth behind the sun
Pages of the holy word, commit to flame

Burning sickle, has come to take your head
They're coming for you, $$#assins of the
Light are coming

A plague of Antichrists
Sent from the depths of hell
To sacrifice your gods

Obscured by haze
On this, the last of days
The eye of lights demise

Twilight falls
Patrol the night on starless skies
Eternal and merciless

Ever watching to decimate the lies
That fools would have you believe
Crucifix inverted, lies beneath the bones

Soon to be forgotten, the savior is no more

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