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3 INCHES OF BLOOD : 4000 Torches lyrics

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3 INCHES OF BLOOD lyrics : "4000 Torches"

On a mission deliver the secret of kings
Watching the enemy lurking within
Reveal the plans that could take many lives

Danger will stalk every step that you take
Hide in shadow or they'll find you

One wrong step you have been seen
As you run your foes try and catch you
But you've been saved

By a light up ahead

By the light of 4000 torches

Reinforcements have come to defend
By the light of 4000 torches
A welcome sight for you has arrived

A melee ensues as you turn to fight
The odds are not hopeless you must survive

By luck you're given a chance to live on
Bare your teeth and kill for crown

Fight with heart before they strike you down

A scout you are a target for the kill

The keys you hold, allies will need them all
To stop a force coming to destroy
Through the fray the enemy seeks you out

But you must live for all could be lost

By the light of 4000 torches

Your countrymen will show you the way
By the light of 4000 torches
A turn of fate will carry you home

[Solo: Clark]

The day is won for you and your brothers
Many dead lie at your feet
Owe your life to those who fought with you

A victory worthy of song

By the light of 4000 torches

The blood that's spilled will not be yours
By the light of 4000 torches
The tables turned to favour your side

By the light of 4000 torches
You've been spared from meeting your end
By the light of 4000 torches

In Death's face you say not this day

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