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3 Deep lyrics : "Can't Get Over You"

I remember the days
Love we sharing in so many ways
I see your smiling face

Something that my mind can't erase

I often wonder why

You had to leave without a goodbye
I would've been right there
I'll always be the one who cares

Baby i can't get over you

All I want is to be with you
Baby I can't let go of you
Can't we try just one more time

Just one more time

Ooh, baby

Another lonely night
Only you can make it right

I wanna be with you
This time I know that we can make it through
I just wanna say

That I will love you in every way
This time I will be true
There's no one I'd rather be with than you


I wonder where you are
If you're near or if you are far away
Do I ever cross your mind

It doesn't have to be this way

Girl, i miss you more than words can say

All i want is to hold you
To kiss you
To look into your eyes just one more time

I'm sorry

[Chorus X4]

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