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2ne1 : It Hurts lyrics

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2ne1 lyrics : "It Hurts"

What I gave to you on that day
You now share with that girl
The kiss that allowed me to come to my senses, the words of love

Was a promise we both made for our sake

Suddenly the tears fall down, I try to rub them away

I realize nothing can be changed, it's too late
I don't want to forget those tender memories
It's the end of this sweet love

Suddenly gazing at the distant sky
There's no way we'll see eachother tonight

It hurts, hurts hurts...

The world we painted dissapears before my eyes

How many times did I run after it
The only way is to accept the sadness in giving up
You always gave me praise, after all

There's nothing I hate more than seeing your face say goodbye
The end will never come, I'm still believing in our beginning

Now I can be more kind
This is all unnescessary pain

I can't hear your voice, even though my heart calls out to you
There's no way we'll see eachother tonight
It hurts, hurts, hurts...

Now there's no way to go back to the past
And I'm questioning how I should be feeling

I want to ask you one more time
Hold on to me forever

No way I can't recognize
You're not mine anymore

I want to see you as soon as I can
You, who I loved
And make sure you want it to be this way

It hurts, hurts hurts...
It hurts, hurts hurts...
It hurts, hurts hurts...

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