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2 WEEK NOTICE lyrics : "Teletubbies Are Evil"

Children watching television used to be just fine
Teaching them to read and write, educating their mind
And then here comes a new show from the BBC

They sent out a plague to us, trashing all kids TV.
My body went into shock, my brain just got all numb
No good will ever come, from this evil foursome

I could not believe my eyes, when all things were looking well
Here come the Teletubbies, straight from the depths of hell

These fierce little creatures aren't in it for the fun
They speak an evil language; they worship a baby sun
Your children's minds will be brainwashed; their souls will go and rot

This show should be taken off; I'm talking a boycott

They teach the children nothing, except maybe how to act gay

I think creators are smoking crack, a fat rock everyday
What is going through their minds, I really wanna know
Bring a vacuum cleaner to life, having a name for it like Noo-noo

Also what the hell is up, with those things on top of their head
It makes the kids seem so scared, they think they'll end up dead
I think we need to do our deed, enough of our procrastinating

Stop showing kids these show on Public Broadcasting

They're only here to hurt us, and take our lands over

Trying to get into our pants, making our kids bend over
They need to go crawl back, under the rock they are from
Or we will cap their $$#, golly gee that sounds fun

Goodnight Tinky Winky, Goodnight Dipsy
Goodnight Laa-laa, Goodnight Po

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa