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2 SKINNEE J'S lyrics : "Loud Neighbor"

Welcome everybody to our humble abode
Like Ford to Orenthal, let's get the show on the
So turn down your lights, and turn up your speakers

Everybody dance around cuz we're all social creatures
Knock knock - who is it? We're being paid a visit
By notable nobles with visions of white picket fences

Foreign cars and platinum expenses
Bangin' on the door with a list of our offenses
You can knock three times on the ceiling if you wanna

Or put four kicks to the floor, but I'll be honest
We ain't turnin' down till the sun comes up
The sound gets sucked through pipes and ducts

So rise and shine, hear the party line
Keep it on till the dawn and watch the night decline
The band becomes a crowd, the crowd becomes a rally

The people fill the street and it seeps into the alley


It ain't loud enough for all of us
We break you out of your shell
We came to rock - rock the decibels

J Guevara moves the people like it ain't no thing
From the duke of earl to the sultan of swing

I get loyalty like I was royalty
All your plots and schemes have been foiled, see
I got lines and quotes - the rhymes I wrote

Should be printed in Bartlett's - and now it's time to start this
But first all the heartless must show some compassion
Barriers need breakin', walls need some smashin'

Like Navratilova - Beethoven rolled over
Now we got the floor and it's milk like Korova
Does your body good, and your mind even better

From the crew that blew the panties off your auntie when we met her


Attention, this court is in session
Repeat the last question - repeat the last question

The one before - which one? who got the diction
To blow up like nuclear fission? we do - in addition
We're on a mission - we circulate like a petition

Convert you like religion to our position
In opposition to submission so focus your vision
If you're wishin' for a clearer transmission

Pledge allegiance to your leaders
Dream regime divas - devastating beat bequeathers

We bring your legions into freedom
Render to Ceaser what is Ceaser's - then leading sheep from feeders
Into stereo receivers - spread like baba gunush

Direct from the electorate this ain't no putsch
We're overloading meters, stirring sleepers from their beds
Cuz we lead the people's party like Eugene V. Debbs

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