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2 PISTOLS lyrics : "Lookin' Down On 'em"

F/ Bmu

(Intro, 2 Pistols)

Young boss of the city ^!$$%
BMU, Deck, C-bo, J-Flame, Young Ski

I got the Chevy sittin right

Rims shinin bright ((*##$ I'm-(*##$ I'm super fly)
When I pull up to that light
I'm lookin down on 'em (Eyyy eyyy)

I'm lookin down on 'em (Wet-wet paint drippin)
Off the side
Every time I ride

I be ridin through the city, choppin like I'm Micheal Myers
I'm lookin down on 'em (Eyyy eyyy)
I'm lookin down on 'em (Eyyy eyyy)

(verse 1, Deck)
I just lit a blunt of 'dro

Where da bottle? I don't know
I just flow to buddy suckers and my nickname UFO
I got a super-duper flow

Arms shootin for the sky
Steady chokin on that killa
I just murdered Micheal Myers

Ridin past the city lights
I maneuver through the night
Movin colors, I got green and I got purp (M.U. got white)

BMU (*##$, get it right
You got nothin, but you da pain
All attention for you lames

I got money on my brain
Flashin in lanes
Sit so high (*##$, they compare me to a crane

Dump so wet, got off and jumpin out the paint
Come ride with me dawg, you better buy a skuba tank
The chrome is so strong

The paint is on all shine
If it creep through them clouds, them ^!$$%s gon' be blind
All I need is UV rays to put them hoes in a daze

Flippin different flavors, (*##$ can just calls me Lay's
C-bo dawg, aye!


(Verse 2, 2 Pistols)

I pull up to the light, you know I'm ridin old school
The main four's lookin down, ^!$$% where ya ruler? (So high)
Twenty-eight inch deep-dish (Yes)

Orange candy paint, baby call it Sunkist (Young boss)
Who me? I'm just that ^!$$%
She wanna ride with the boss cause my rims is bigger (Oh yeah)

If I don't look down, I won't even see you ^!$$%s (Where they at?)
I don't even see you ^!$$%s
I'm with a bad (*##$ fornicating

With her two friends, and they participating
Yeah that's just the life I live
Young boss of the city baby, it is what it is


(Verse 3, J-Flame & Young Ski)
I'm gettin money so, that's the word man

I was fly with the white like Birdman (brdrdrdrdr)
Aye Khaled, I'm so hood (Hood)
I shoulda been on "I'm So Hood"

Wiggle in the shop, I grip the Oak wood
Twenty-six inches on I-O, what's good?
I'm the man, understand?

Death before dishonor, that's the plan

(Young Ski)

I'm so fly (*##$, I think I grow feathers
My cliques mob out, call us the "Blues Brothers"
I'm sittin real high, them haters might stare
I Freddy Crougar'd the whip, to give 'em nightmares
Pull up in somethin fly, oh that was light-year

I spit a little game, cover your wife's ears
I'm lookin down on her, call my whip papsmear
Then they come out of this world, like William Shat-neer


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