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2 PISTOLS lyrics : "Blinded"

Blinded by the light

I risk it all for her
Give it all for her
Just to see her smile more

Remember the days when I didn't have her next to me
It's clear to see I'm in love boy I gotta be..

Open my eyes to the sunrise
Thinking bout life without my sunshine

Wipe my eyes cause I started crying
Baby girl you my better half, im on a different path
You should be happy im not on the air

Uh oh now she mad
Garbbing her louie bag cussin and fussin about how she aint comin back
As usual she over react

im just speaking my mind baby try to relax
She say
Well explain all these texts from your exes picture mail from your ex excreta den

I say
I can't explain what she do baby, im just focus on you baby, know I love you baby


Im running out of words that express how I feel

You keep it so real I want a buy a spot just for us to chill
No neighbors just heels in the ocean air
Vacation there when the world start to stress us jea

But until then I be staring out my win-dow
Wishing that the life that we had never it thooo
Momma it might sound like game wedding rang but this time I aint playing

Here what im saying
You looking at a better man a second chance
I thank you for that I thank you for that I was walking around dead

Til my life came back, true story my life came back


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