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2 O 4GROUP (JAK FEAT. DEE) lyrics : "Stay Strapped"

1st verse (JAK) :

More then rap, yeah i stay strapped man i bet you didn't even know that, power pack go rat-a-tat, Silence it where the potataoe at ?

you aint known .. on the block idc i stay faded, chillin (*##$ we got blunts to burn Every shot fired , git 1 in return

shootin hoes like the icemen like what the $#[email protected] happend to fight-iN recieve pain no payment, No angels goieing to save him

hes done, he ancient and where i shot em aint relavant these snitches, they killin it writing all these statements witnessin, no ingagein

they #[email protected], and im waiting for the right to im a $#[email protected] em boy i aint no sucka shuda knew dat since i came in ..TOFG muthaphuka


2nd verse (JAK) :

Ridn dirty and am cruzn slow
i'aint got time for the groupie hoes

the rap game like the crack game
u will get shot in the head meng

they wont give a $#[email protected] you just another statistic
you spit that life i live it you aint neva had no gauge in ur trunk..

done so much drugs u dont give a $#[email protected] get back up & get knnocked out
stay strapped up get rolled out the cats uptown know what we about

put a hit on you its carried out time is running out ye!
choppers come abouutt!!

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Thanks to maria.01215