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2 MUCH : Try Again lyrics

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2 MUCH lyrics : "Try Again"

[Verse 1: Marcel]
I'm so confused with what's going on I'm trying to make sense of all of this, what just went down the things I said out my mouth when I told you to leave and call it quits, did I really say I was sick and tired of you,
did I really pack your luggage and said that we were through, don't know what I was on, but girl there's one thing you should know

It was a heater the moment I wasn't thinking straight, and now I praying damn don't let her get away, do anything to make her stay, take back everything I said, anything that hurt you girl

Sometimes I say things I really don't mean, turn around and then apologize, I know you don't deserve it, I know I'm not perfect, and get right going take some time, cause baby I regret all that I ever did, just forgive and forget, and let's move on from here, I want the chance to make it right, so girl, why won't we just try again

[Verse 2: Marcel]
I'm trying to find the word that would describe how I feel verses how I treat you, one minute we cool then I'm yelling at you, now we fighting and fussing our argument stands for nothing girl, I can't explain why I take you throught the motions, I m just a man and only god knows our truth, but seeing you gone the pain is to strong girl, all I need is you


I know sometimes I can be cruel, but how I act don't mean I don't love you, even though I'm might be tripping I'd understand it's not from the heart, and I need you to know

[Chorus x2]

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