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2 MUCH : Baby Love lyrics

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2 MUCH lyrics : "Baby Love"

[Verse 1:]
I'll lay you down on my bed
And kiss your neck

And if you want to,
Girl we can have...
[whisper:] (sex)

... [laughter]
I'm lovin' you,
And I need you babe

You're sensational

You're intelligent
Any man would wanna be in my shoes
You're relatable

You're sensational
And I would never let you go


If you are feelin' me
Give me all your trust
And not just a piece of your heart

Be my
Babylove, if you would just let go
Kissing me, my love

It's you that I adore

[Verse 2: Rap - Lil' Dollar]

You are, more than perfectly shaped
You heard it all before
Before you even came abou, beauty

Complex to talk about you
It's true, finest your highness is you
They couldn't be

They could never be your quality
My gotsta be
If not, they need to show & prove

Perfection is a blessing
And it's lucky that is graced you
And this ain't new to you

See why they choosing you
Baby, you're my love
Fly as a dove, and I'm cool with you.

[Verse 3: Rap - Myles]
I never met a girl that's perfect for me

Brighten my life,
Girl you're so sexy
Like luxury, see baby girl

I'm in love with thee
And that's true,
I put that on my heart

There's nothin' I won't do for you
You're fine, you look good for your man
And I'm in love with your shape

I'll do anything I can for you
You're my heart, it's true
And I'mma always stay fresh

'Cause you look brand new


[Outro: Done on Broken Chorus (Marcel) & {Milo}]

(Yeah (exaggerated)
{2Much, it's a beautiful thing}
All your trust

(All your trust girl, whoah... whooooah, yeah (exaggerated)
{Give it to me, baby}

{Uh huh}
It's you that I adore
(It's you that I adore)

{Yeah, checkin' out... we hope y'all dig the song}
(Ooh, whoooah (exaggerated)

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