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2 FACE lyrics : "Entry #1"

they seekin face for president
when i'm chasin relevance
switchin lanes mixin haze

with a taste of lemon piff
inna grave kids get laid finna
drain the reminense

picture james
givin change to these lames with clever spits
i told em $#[email protected] you pay me

on some slaughterhouse %#@!
hittin targets vicious bars
that twist your squad around quick

so follow now (*##$ cause we all bin devastatin'
elevatin flows we on level that your never takin
catch me celebratin like we sit in first place

my verse laid perfect you stay
searchin for some wordplay
i work late hurtin all these nerds with every word saved

they learned james murders
many persons with a word game
i let em know that ive bin the bays top notch spitter

sever throats venturing til face walks off richer
pleasure hoes settled on the way y'all caught bitter
gettin close measuring my pace y'all watch quicker

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