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2 CHAINZ AND NINO BLESS : Not Featuring lyrics

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2 CHAINZ AND NINO BLESS lyrics : "Not Featuring"

[Verse 1]
I'm back in the building (nope) this is arabMUZIK Islamic extremist
I'll crash to ya building, with bombs attached to the ceiling

Detonated, going off, the flow is charged, I'm like LeBron
With Reggie Miller's shooting Arc, I'm so evolved
I am, defiant, just going hard, my whole day is like

The last seconds Owen Hart had saw when he was falling off
You know what's odd? If you just go by bars
I should be bigger than Big Sean featured on Hova's songs

And golfing with Oprah, dog
I don't lower my guard
My thoughts orbit extra solar planets

Then travel back to feed data to rovers in Mars
(Yeh Yeh) I'm on it, Peter Parker mixed with Carnage
That's the karma for you haters, now just look at what you started (OH)

R.O.A.M got shine, know you hate that, rhymes with swag is a great match
I'm rushing to fame so I can palm Rihanna's $$#, A$AP
RapGenius, there's ya best line, take that

What's the deal? Make a bet, I'll raise that
I am boom-bap mixed with a Drake track
That new %#@!, sound like System Of A Down somewhere

Mashed with some Wu-%#@!, none compares, powered and fierce
Cowards are scared, drowning in fear (Drowning in fear)
Watching my comp just shrinking while I'm running though'em

Like I got lightning in Mario Kart, from the start, damn how is that fair?
(How is that fair?)
I am prepared, to go to lengths unmatched, I see through ya plots

These peeps are so feeble, they stuntin' like Evel Knievel
Deceive you & leave you to rot
Beep Beep, I weave through these slobs

This Rican'll speed 'til his region is locked
I love these blogs, but I should be featured on Ripley's Believe It or Not!

You know this dude's flames, on top of the food chain
Sorry y'all, this is Not Featuring 2Chainz
Uh, Uh, Uh? this is Not Featuring 2Chainz

The R.O.A.M, (*##$, I created a new lane
[Verse 2]
To Gotham I'm Bruce Wayne, in fact I ain't too sane

I'll pull the ground out from underneath this game, I'm the new Bane
You dude's playing, are too plain
Look I'll knock ya head off

Light it into flames (quick) then kick it through you, like Liu Kang
Your crew's lame, I'm koo-koo, Kruger stalking your team
So tell me how could you Meek Millz it

While getting Chased through your Dreams
Aye, it ain't, never, as safe as it seems
I made my own way, as I blazed through this scene, faithfully

Stayed through my course, while I catered to no one
Nobody done gave me a thang
Nuh, I took it , $#&@ a hand out, with lyrics embedded with substance, check

Merited, credited, expected it, still, I took a breath, for my suffering, (UNH)
Most that hated like suckers, are now like, ?Please let's discuss this?
This ain't not no flick with Janet and 'Pac kissing, but that's Poetic JusticeExplain

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