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1ST INFANTRY lyrics : "The Midnight Creep (feat. Havoc, Twin)"

I give 'em to 'em gutter, straight gutter
Ain't no other way to spit it, my nizzy, just fall easy

^!$$%z want a peace treaty, wanna bring the calm
But when it's on, ain't a thing that can stop the pound
Tear a fella a $$#, a new $$# at that

Glad to clap, never that, we had to clap
^!$$% do it to they self, when they force the hand
Make me blast, how you trynna play me man

Like ^!$$%z over here, don't get down for theirs
I need some man time, who got the $#[email protected]' jack in here
Where, ever I leave, my head's my home

And if possible, always take my gat where I roam
These slugs'll take the bass outta ^!$$%z voice quick
But, once we gangsta, now moist the %#@!

Scramble, he hit, how you like the scenery (*##$
Keep ya eyes on my hands, $#[email protected] who you seeing me with

[Chorus x2: Havoc]
Yo, I don't know you, you don't know me
Just mind your own business, everything'll be sweet

We don't talk over here, we just speak with the heat
You don't wanna see a ^!$$%, on that midnight creep

[Twin Gambino]
And that chains over here, I'm just still bustin' my gun
Still rippin' on your shorties, wildin' out with my dunns

On the grind, don't do nothing dumb, just hold ya head
Cuz the rest of my soldiers, stressed out in jail
With on bail, facing the rest of they life

We got to get it right and keep it tight, and stay on the low
For them $$#holes, clockin' our dough, love when I flow
Keep doing that %#@!, they gots to go

Infamous Mobb gots to blow, pounds of dro'
Makin' all the shorties, gettin' down on the floor
From that Murda Muzik %#@!, that'll make ya flip

And dump a clip, in a ^!$$% that be talkin' %#@!
We think sick, check the credits, we get busy
And grimey, and gritty, when we livin' in the city

It's haters, traders, fake $$# playas
Come to QBC, and nobody could save ya

[Chorus x2]


Of course we keep it gangsta, straight gangsta
^!$$%z know it, I don't have to prove it, or show it
The gun bark, and the bite is a mutha, a killa

A playa, lay it down, a four pounder
The calm downer, when ^!$$%z act a little too active
Smack kids into next week, little [email protected]$(s

Ya'll cats think I'm playin' with this rap %#@!
I'm here to take it to the top, you $#[email protected]' [email protected]$)gots

[Chorus x2]

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