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1997 : in your car lyrics

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1997 lyrics : "in your car"

Does she kiss you like I did?
Do your hearts beat in unison?
The chords are ringing out.

My fingertips are pouring rain upon the rooftop
because inside your house,
there's nothing left to say.

This won't break me, because I'm not the drugs.
I am not the pain you feel inside, as you're lying there awake.
It's just the abence of blood in your veins.

Drown the pain of this one to the sound of my guitar.
This song becaomes our anthem as we sing it in your car.

Am I that itch beneathe your skin?
That alcohol you have been drowning in?

The one that aches for a century?
The one that wastes your year?
The one that you still call love?

Your radio is on tonight, so sing it if you're still alive.
If you're still alive.
If you're there at all sing da da da.

I still feel joy when I wake and when I breathe.
If the world falls around you, I will still feel joy.

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