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1997 lyrics : "grace"

Tell me, tell me why the snow is white
but I can't was it all away?
You left last spring.

You went to find something you could see, but could never speak.
West winds will wash you away.
Love will lift you off the ground, don't be afraid.

Grace will fly you home again.
My heart's crying for a change, for the road to bend,
to be home again.

Grace is where I end and you begin, my love, my friend.
It's a bitter night.

My eyes have seen no light.
The sunset was the last thing on my mind.

I feel your hands.
They shake my face and tell me it's ok to believe.
Grace is all around you. The sky is white and I'm ready to be baptized.

You're all around me.
Grace will fly you home again, when you're standing in the doorway
singing songs to my old poetry.

Grace is where I end and you begin.
That's why I feel your heart and I know that you can feel mine when I say my love...

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