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1984 : Complain lyrics

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1984 lyrics : "Complain"

I'm not used to complain
And you complain again
Might I try to understand

Oh my dear I don't

I always fight to clear away

All your anger in a maze
Of endless walls and hidden fringes
Where you feel caught, where I can't heal


Your will in my hands

Modelling your soul
They build a fence

Around your throat
Devil in my hands
Or something that approaches

Reach your veins
Dwell in your blood

In the streets, in their homes
Don't you hear your people moan?
They all think, young as old,

The world is not theirs anymore

So catch it now, make it sense

Stop whining when you can't
You fear the fires but you keep them going
You pay the ransom to keep your throne

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