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18 OVER PAR : Jimmy lyrics

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18 OVER PAR lyrics : "Jimmy"

Jimmy moved here from the city
In the middle of last fall
He thought he was real cool

L.A Dodgers hat and all!

He's got the baggiest jeans

I don't like him at all
Jimmy is bad news
I'd like to see him fall

He's 17 years old
Doesn't have a job

He'll never see any money
He's such a dirty slob!

That's Jimmy!

He's got a friend named Danny

And one named Ryan too
They all think they are cool
And they wear lots of Fubu

They've got the baggiest jeans
And they never change their clothes

They strut around like a black man would
And their women are !@#%ty ho's!!

Never going to get a job
They will never have any hope
Uneducated, Unliterated

They smoke too much dope!!

They're all skids!!!

Now Jimmy's Grown up
He has a wife and kids

They are just like him
Big $#&@in' SKIDS!!!

He's havin' some major problems now,
I feel sorry for his wife
She's got cuts and bruises

From good old Jimmy's Knife!

35 Years old

Doesn't have a job
I kinda feel sorry for him
He's such a dirty slob!

He's Jimmy!

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