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16 : Damone lyrics

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16 lyrics : "Damone"

First ten rows, classroom seats
Dirty movies, twenty bucks a piece
You won't regret it, Led Zeppelin IV

Another no show, the Gremlin roars
Don't fear the reaper, Lincoln surrenders
Jefferson, my little brother

Earth, Wind, Fire

I'm not a $#&@in' scalper
You owe me for this one

Call the shots, scare the band
Members Only, needs a hand
Halen hair, smoke upstairs

Women do respond, to cardboard stares
Brian Johnson, five point plan
Girls go haywire, my best friend


Not in my gym, take it somewhere else
Remember the horror roll, it's a guarantee
This is great iced tea, nothing's free

Seventy five, and a ride
You wanted it more than I did
You wanted it more than I did

Earth, Wind, Fire

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