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13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS lyrics : "You're Gonna Miss Me"

38 Special - Back Where You Belong
I heard you asking,..how i'm feeling
Guess I'll play it day by day

I'm still around now, my heart is healing,
But something's never gonna change
Cuz now I know,.love ain't easy to find

I let you go,..now I'm changing my mind


I know that love,..it don't come easy
Took so long, it's been hard to find
And so love, you must believe me,..

Ain't no one else in the way,.I know I was wrong,
I want you back where you belong.
Want you back where you belong.

Back where you belong.

I played around now,.I've done some dealing

I found that love's should be with you
And so you're gone now, my head is reeling
Don't wanna be with someone new

And so I know,..there's a feeling inside,..
Because I know what I'm leaving behind



I guess in time, I'll stop and think it over,.

Everything that we've been through
This heart of mine will never find another
To love me just the way you do.

(repeat first verse)

(repeat chorus)

(repeat chorus)

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