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1349 : Necronatalenheten lyrics

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1349 lyrics : "Necronatalenheten"

Welcome to where the dead things are
Flesh fresh from the womb

Still warm, still kicking, still life..
The grief in the eyes of those who remain

-the shadow of death is filling the room

-where the voice of life is put to sleep
-the sun must pass the darkness rules

-where the angel of death claims its sacrifices

-an institution of death

-no life here only death is real
-feeling no presence only the stench of death

-no escaping by life only by death

As the new-born, still-born is put away
7 babies for the beast
dissecting, selecting the best pieces

Boiling the fat away
Gleaming bones in disturbing shapes

I shape with henzied precision
Hungering for perfection

I create
Science and madness
I reveal

The secrets of the flesh.

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