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1349 : Atomic Chapel lyrics

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1349 lyrics : "Atomic Chapel"

"The ancient whispered secrets
Massed into nuclear skies

Seek the unholy, in the darkest of places
Cryptic equations light the madness in or eyes"

Unholy radiance - Nuclear Necropolis
Pariah Leper-cult - In atomic bliss

Black towers rising
Under a skeleton scythe

Thermo-cardinal hexe
Sworn by phantom quires

Radiation witch fire - Spreads like cyclonic whips
Genocide war cult - Convoking the merciless blitz

Dark prayers recited
Drifting through acid winds
In endless repetition

Like an everlasting paramount sin

Unholy prophecies - Apocalyptic radiance

Death-weaving carrion cult - Thermonuclear contempt

Skeletal towers rising

Through ammoniac storms
Towards a rusted altar
The congregation worms

Spiritual parasite - Atomic high-priest
Suicidal death-cult - Holocaustic feast

Omega necro-messiah
The ancients whispered your name
Merciless soul-corruptor

The wrath of old poisons will reign

Atomic Chapel - Haereticus, amen fiat voluntas tua

Atomic Chapel - in nomine mori
Atomic Chapel - Revoco minaciae ultimum
Atomic Chapel - Lex Diaboli

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