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13 FACES : Crush To Nothing lyrics

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13 FACES lyrics : "Crush To Nothing"

Soaked in sweat
Afraid from my hands
Maintain control

Take this life from me

Throwing everything that you've got

It's like you're kidding me
A person grown like yourself
It's like you've soiled your face

Everything hates, you baby
Ever think you've been had
Your world's a close minded joke

It's like you're all alone

Dropping, and it weighs a ton

Everything you can convey
It's like you're crawling to me
It's soft and you'd call if fake

Everything that you burn
Everything that you can convey
Your words are made up fact

Everything's crumbling down

Talking %#@!, you confess all this %#@!

You'd better die and convert
Because you know your part
Don't play dead sentiments

Don't lie, show something that you
You'll never know of me
Honor, courage, solace, pride, rage

Lay on me

So vague, you've been hit
Never heard the dead say no
Bone, break, crumbling, crashing

Burning, faster, stronger

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