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10 CC : The Things We Do For Love lyrics

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10 CC lyrics : "The Things We Do For Love"

Too many broken hearts have fallen in the river
Too many lonely souls have drifted out to sea
You lay your bets and then you pay the price

The things we do for love
The things we do for love

Communication is the problem to the answer
You've got her number and your hand is on the phone
The weather's turned and all the lines are down

The things we do for love, the things we do for love

Like walking in the rain and the snow

When there's nowhere to goWhen you're feeling like a part of you is dying
And you're looking for the answer in her eyes
You think you're gonna break up

Then she says she wants to make up
Ooh you made me love youOoh you've gone awayOoh you had me crawling on the floor
A compromise would surely help the situationAgree to disagree but disagree to part

When after all it's just a compromise
Of the things we do for love
The things we do for love

The things we do for love

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