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fallen empires lyrics SNOW PATROL

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Snow Patrol Fallen Empires lyrics

Fallen Empires is the sixth studio album by Snow Patrol. Gary Lightbody announced the title on 21 July 2011. The album was released on 11 November 2011.When asked about the writing process for the album on 7 September 2011, Gary Lightbody commented by saying "It's the longest album we've ever made by far but also the best. We took our time and I also had some bouts of writer's block. It's the first time it's happened for such a long time. I've had days when I haven't been able to write. Since 2009 I've gone through three writer's blocks but I'm glad because the results are great afterwards. They probably made me write better songs." Snow Patrol plans to go on a "Fallen Empires tour" in 2012 with the first date being at the O2 in Dublin, with an expanded UK and worldwide tour to be announced shortly.