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forever so lyrics HUSKY

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Husky Forever So lyrics

Forever So is the debut studio album by Melbourne based band, Husky, released on October 21, 2011, through Liberation Music.

To bring the album to life, frontman Gawenda and Preiss pulled together all the old recording gear they could get their hands on and set up in a bungalow at the back of Gawenda's house. ?The backyard was overgrown with weeds and wild mint and the bungalow was full of junk,? Preiss says. ?We spent all night watching videos online about how to sound-treat rooms. We partitioned off parts of the house where we recorded the vocals and instruments.?

After months of crafting songs, the band headed to LA to bunker down with Noah Georgeson (Devandra Banhart, Joanna Newsom and The Strokes) at House of Blues Studios to mix the album. ?Mixing in LA with Noah was an amazing experience,? Preiss says. ?The recording had been such a labour of love, and we had grown so attached to the songs, it was difficult to imagine handing them over to someone else to mix them. But Noah's sensibility and musicality really complimented the songs.?
It's this sublime relationship between Gawenda and Preiss that separates Husky from the flurry of indie folk/pop bands emerging at each turn - even with their palpable love of '60s/'70s songwriters, it's not their influences that define them, but the band's sensibilities toward timeless harmonic-pop, and the grace with which they express, both purely and metaphorically, human fragility.

Husky's 2008 record, Quiet Little Rage, served merely as a low-key introduction to this beautifully realised full-length. Recorded in Gawenda's backyard bungalow, Husky's official debut album - Forever So - is intimate, affecting and richly textured. Drummer Luke Collins and bassist Evan Tweedie provide deft touches to these carefully-crafted songs, while Californian producer Noah Georgeson (The Strokes, Devendra Banhart, Joanna Newsom) captures Husky's aesthetic superbly by working closely with Gawenda and Preiss in the mixing of the album.

Already established as one of the year's most thoughtful ballads, History's Door is a mesmeric blend of evocative narrative, infectious vocal harmonies and dreamy melodics. But the Melbourne band's latest single, Dark Sea, almost matches it; even amidst the melancholy laments, Husky cleverly opt for fruitful reflection rather than mournful nostalgia. Then there's How Do You Feel, which appears like a frightening, unexpected twist as nightmarish visions unravel into something otherworldly.

An album marked by themes of dreams, memories and time, Forever So illustrates - with gorgeous detail - those memorable moments and eerie experiences that proffer greater poignancy upon meditation. Just like the narrative's emphasis on the preciousness of isolated events, Husky's entrancing harmonies evolve from dreamy flourishes into evocative streams, trickling with a melancholy charm and wrenching sensitivity. Forever So is a beautiful, rewarding album from one of Australia's newest musical gems.
by Christine Lan, Beat Magazine