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FADERHEAD The World Of Faderhead lyrics

What is the 'World of Faderhead'? Simply put it is a ?Fistful of Fuck You?! The German FADERHEAD are back with their credo being the title of the first song and a tongue-in-cheek attitude. In other words, the whole concept of this release is 50 minutes of party-time, which has its ups and downs, but at the end of it you are going to have a peculiar feeling. I will explain here this very peculiarity. Dirty Electro and funky coolness, aggressiveness and moments of contemplation, all of them are bundled and mixed superbly. They promote the party-animal myth and at the same time they undermine it with slower tempo songs like the wonderful 'Nothing for Nothing'. It is certain that the FADERHEAD are always in touch with the commercial aspect of music. But such a pigeonholing would do injustice to their music. There are the dance-floor fillers like 'Fistful Of Fuck You', 'Join Us', 'Swedish Models And Cocaine', and 'I Got My Bass Back', among some others, in which the Industrial samples are shining. by Ray Dunkle