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Bài Hát Cuối lyrics

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YANBI, HằNG BINGBOONG FT. MR.T lyrics : "Bài Hát Cuối"


(Hang BingBoong)

Wandering alone in the night, dreaming the dream of love that day, the sweet child
Tan in a dream, never forget that old love
Former teammates arms gently swept away forever and ...
Now the darkness only to look back on your own ..

Verse 1 (yanbi)

It's passed every night, every night I always dream about
Each night goes by so much submerged in nostalgia lonely child
I forgot how to be forgotten, one girl made ​​my heart hurt ....
Suddenly fleeting rush ... mau ... quickly
(Ey ey) his tears fall down
So cold my heart slack
Give me your hands to distant places
Each night away, and then his brother only 1 ...
And that day will be remembered forever ...

Rap (Mr.T)

Night ... long night, the memories of how I was suddenly more long
He tried to count, you are the one time
Behind is a welcome embrace for you in the
But because the distance is an obstacle, or prevented in time steps
Who will step boldly
I love the dried before
Together, disabled smoke flavor on his lips
(Can you hear me now ..?)
Sweet lyrics he wrote ..
Whether you remember or have forgotten
Rain and dust translucent familiar streets
He remains optimistic step there ..
(For Ai) For whoever ..
(For you) Big girl do not cry!
His paradise is that you .. That's mah soul!


Let's just say I know what I went through in May I pretend ...
But he still living the dream I love you 1 ...
Always by your side each night, holding hands lull you into a dream ...
Would you mind???
Loneliness surrounded his star with him every day
Let's say you hear ... In what they are
Or the minute you want is always fun ...
If you know so much, why not go the O ..

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