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XIU XIU lyrics : "Into The Night"

"Creation of the alchemical siren, an emblem of illumination and the union of the so

called feminine and masculine principles, of the body and soul, within the

alchemical imaginary. A symbol that represents the alchemical weddings {Hiero


Alchemy that I combine with a feminist message, feminism that understands

masculinity and femininity as social constructs that each society draws upon

depending on its own interests, where we can rebuild these concepts in the way

we want it. Opening the possibility that personal growth signifies a necessary break

with our child universe, where the starting point of all humans is their $$#imilation

of similarities and differences to the maternal figure, so that we may dare to think of

ourselves with a reference that is divine, extending beyond gender â?? neither

masculine nor feminine - real liberation, defined by each in their own way.   

The video present itself as a pataphysical proposal, find imaginary solutions

through art, solutions for liberating the mind from teachings that guide the human

brain towards weakness caused by fear, fear of pain, fear of loneliness, fear of

sickness. The HIV has never been identified, AIDS is multifactorial, the Cancer

understood as a monster that devours mankind and not as a response on the

body, the real monsters are organizations that create a universal definition of

health according to their own interests, such as the World Health Organization

(WHO) financed by Coca-Cola and Nestle, where the body is mapped out like a

profitable territory, the body as commodity.  

I proclaim the divine nature of the human being, not an idea of divinity of â??good,â?

but rather the opposite, a divinity that brings together the forces {light and

darkness}. Iâ??m breaking the solar yoke, the harnesses that have fastened us in the

construction of all societies, of all religions, when they select their bases, their holy

books, excluding or denigrating what is referred to as the feminine. Breaking the

yoke of public and private institutions, such as school and family, which only serve

to continue this work of differentiation. I do not believe in this difference between

man and woman; I believe in the possible transformation of each being in all that

we want to transform."

Diego Barrera *


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Xiu Xiu - "Into The Night" (Official Music Video)

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