That's How My Trigga Went lyrics

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X-RAIDED lyrics : "That's How My Trigga Went"

(feat. Brotha Lynch Hung, Triple-6 Bounty)

[Brotha Lynch Hung]

A nine in my motha$#[email protected] guts, so cold
(...My nine is easy to load...)
So I keep the motha$#[email protected] on safe

Cause a nine in your dick ain't safe
Rolling up in a devil rag Caprice
Triple-6 the Bounty got the clip to my piece

Roasted dark meat tonite we gonna feast
Load'em up, Nigga Deep on a creep, boom, boom
Let'em see what's up, the Brotha Lynch

Straight using my life broke
All I see is devils and gun smoke
But they wanna be heaven sent

Boom and that's how my trigga went
Gotta fix that crack
Mama gotta grave, ^!$$% %#@! like that

Put a ^!$$% aching, having fits like that
Guns on safe but it clicks right back
(...Going out on a motha$#[email protected] like that...)

Now I'm dead...

[Brotha Lynch Hung]

The ^!$$% with the motha$#[email protected] sickness
Cut ya #[email protected] with a razor blade, (*##$
Come sit on my face, bleed all over my face

Get up, now let me nut in ya face
Nothing but the atheist talking that crazy %#@!
Something like the triple-six sickness

Bitch, ya betta be used to be a (*##$
Ya betta be used to me when I picture six six six
I'm layin' on my bed like a grave

Praying I'n not that way, I'm like this:
Put ya wound on my lips
The Brotha Lynch biting to the skin rips

X-rated flicks, nothing but the Brotha Lynch sickness, (*##$
Fuck him if ya ^!$$% wanna talk some %#@!
Punk motha$#[email protected] [Gunshot]

I'm the motha$#[email protected] Brotha Lynch...
(...Going out...)
Loadin'em up!

(...on a motha$#[email protected])
Blowin'em up!
( that...)

Nigga, I'm sick of this %#@!
Bitch, open ya legs for this
Now guess where my trigga went...

[Triple-6 Bounty]
Triple-6 motha$#[email protected] Bounty fiending to eat this motha$#[email protected] mob

#[email protected]
So there is it, ^!$$%...So I'ma kick this %#@! for ya...

Give it up for the Endangered
And that's how my ^!$$% went
Rough, so $#[email protected] rough, my ^!$$%'s trigga went rip gut

So $#[email protected] what?
My ^!$$% Lynch ain't the ^!$$% you thought he was, (*##$
Catch a bullet of Lynch Hung

Or the swing of a left foot's swang
By the fool who speaks in Devil tongue
That's how that ^!$$% went

Plus that how my trigga went
Would ya figure by now?
You motha$#[email protected] consider him insane

The Baby Killa's already dead
Boom, boom, filling the lead in a baby's head
Skitzo, my ^!$$% went buckwild

Hah haaaa...
(...God bless ya child...)

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