Tryin' To Stay Alive lyrics

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WYCLEF JEAN lyrics : "Tryin' To Stay Alive"

"Tryin' To Stay Alive"(feat. John Forte)

[Wy-Clef Jean]

We got the Refugees All-Stars rubba dubbin' in the club
Wyclef Jean, John Forte, Prizewell.

Nah mean the streets are gettin a little crazy..
Looka looka looka looka looka
looka looka looka here looka shorty got back

should I ask her for a dance hold on theres too many in a wolf
and besides Dirtycash talkin to her

buyin' her fake furs and takin' her to the fever
quite as his kept that ain't even his Benz
she spends his franklins at the malls with her friends

material girl, livin' in a material world
but it's alright cause its Saturday night
so mista funkmaster pump the Bee-Gees

and all you college students bring your ouijas'
check the spellin, R E--F U G E--E get the cd from Sam Goody he

You ain't even close wit the rhymes that you wrote
Don't be mad cause you broke
let me clear my throat ah huh ah huh

John Forte grab the mic roots sway it this way

[John Forte]

I more than just a rhymer you still a small timer
hopin that the game treat that $$# a little kinda

every step tango'd
your beat dont concern me
I'm eatin mangos in Trinadad wit attorneys (oh yea)

my crews slang flow worldwide like a current
wit da every spot where nobody get insurance
brotha do the math you aint half near exotic

my man's claim true - you - forget about it
pope hoe just a new stance like my influence
well recognize you a lie tryin do it

got juice told your lady oops
we nuts baby
smooth and charizmatic automatic

you gonna save me
godbless the day that my sons survive
we strive to teach the youth baby and stay alive

Refugee camp

nuts baby
John Forte
Yo watch your lady

[Prizewell (Dirtycash)]
yo watch your lady

eh ah
special ill rhyme dirtycash

yo if you got more than
dollar in your pocket right now put your hands up

[Prizewell (Dirtycash)]
yo yo

you can tell by the way I roll shorty that I'm a ladies man
a business man
condos down the shore

multi million pension plans
but it aint in my plan to make move without the fam
I keep it intact

you Clef do the track
John play da mack while I pay the tax
business as usuall

watchin suspects
steal my $$#etts
get cut with gillettes

we built this concept
connect like nynex
drinks at the bar
my american express

yo I cook up cook up
the cop a pull up pull up
then I cuff up cuff up
you whos callin bluff

now you shook up shook up
cause you lock up lock up
when I love up love up
you who's callin bluff

hey yo John is chillin
Dirtycash chillin
what more can I say we livin
thats what we got we got it good

and since you understood
we be.......

[Prizewell (Dirtycash)]
live at the carnival

97 till infinite
Refugee All-Stars
cant stop the shining, cant stop the shining [2x]
you wanna stop the shining, you wanna stop the shining [2x]
cant stop the shining, cant stop the shining

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Writer(s): Robin Gibb, Maurice Gibb, John Forte, Samuel Michel, Barry Gibb, John E. Forte, Wycleff Jean
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