Oh What A Night lyrics

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WYCLEF JEAN lyrics : "Oh What A Night"

[Inrto: Wyclef]
It's funny how the Earth rotates, man you never know what's
going to happen, ya know mean?

All I said was "Aiight, I got this chiki bang bang dang da
Then it all got it started for me, man

Yo, man I'm just getting back from the tour, man
What it be like, man?
Yo, bust it, turn me up

Somebody told me if you can make in New York City, man, you can

make it anywhere else, man

Somehow I believe that shhhh

[Chorus] (Wyclef)

Oh, what a night
Late December, 1993 (what happened?)
Who thought he would rule the industry?

What an MC on the grind


Yo, I ain't always have whips, I ain't always have yachts
I ain't always have chips, I ain't always have rocks
Matta fact I was a grimey little negro

Who said if music didn't work, I'd sell diesel
What cha'll thought, I wasn't raised in the projects?
First of the month waitin for that PA check

Lived on the first floor
Were so poor that if you rung the buzzer the roaches would
answer the door (who is it?)

I went from boy to man in one night
When I saw my life flash like light from poltergeist
What made it worse, I couldn't speak English

But from his facial expressions, he wanted my Adidas
So hurry up and come out and play
I'll be damned if I leave bare-footed in this hallway

And I got big plans, so beg your pardon
Cause next year this time I'ma sell out the Garden



Yo, yo, I ain't gonna brag and boast and say I did it all
But I'm the only rapper to play Carnegie Hall
The first rap group, video cost a million

First rapper to ever rep for the Haitians
And sa fa say, na boolay
Grammy night, we took 3 away

22 million sold, I can't believe this
There's still ain't a rapper alive who could achieve this
But I ain't satisfied, when back to my home contemplating

How could I become the next Quincy Jones?
That's when Jerry hit me up on the horn and said
"Clef, your on the cover of

the cover of The Source by The Rolling Stones"
No more struggling, good life we loving it
You could live it too, if you only publish it

So here we go, so what's the scenario?
I own so many cars that I'm renting 'em for videos


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