The Code ft Juicy J, Chevy Woods, & Lola Monroe lyrics

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WIZ KHALIFA lyrics : "The Code ft Juicy J, Chevy Woods, & Lola Monroe"

Cash in the bag twirl up in the hash
Blue in the count and I pour it out the mask
Weed and repeat up all night

Cash always leak got hoes all tight
Live and we burn, grind and you earn
Bitch I'm on fire, I sit and I burn

Stackin' up money flippin' it too
Y'all ain't heard me but the benjamin's do
I'm bouncin' through the club like tiger

I'ma hit the dope, I'ma hit the liquor
Nigga get wrong I'ma hit a ^!$$%
Take a ^!$$% (*##$ home and I'ma hit her

Reppin' Tgod, all these diamonds on me
Passin every joint that I roll to the ones that grindin' with me

Now that's Taylor, Taylor, Taylor,
Homie that's Taylor, Taylor, Taylor X 2

Bitch I'm taylored ain't na hoe cut from the same cut
Realest, this money only thing fame brought
The crown ain't safe and I'm comin' for the spot

Snatchin' all wigs (*##$ I'm coming for the top
Put a run up on trip how I run up in the shots
Queen Roe, I don't see nothin' but the gwap

All my money I'ma get it soon as I get it I'ma spend it
Bought a new car soon as I whip this

Smokin' that marijuana in it
Takin' the value down but also taking a pound
And breakin' it smokin' it all to me ain't no savin' it

Fuck with them pods plus seeds so no shakin' it
Uh, $#[email protected] these ^!$$%s they ain't really nout that
Look I know what these ^!$$%s these ^!$$%s all rap

What they know about nights that they never come back
But he two shot now shells all in the mac
On the top will never see none of y'all fall back

7-11 homie don't get ya head cracked
Taylor Gang fam you know I rep that
And we gettin' bake on anywhere the bread at

Now that's Taylor, Taylor, Taylor
Homie that's Taylor, Taylor, Taylor

Homie that's Taylor, Taylor, Taylor
Homie that's Taylor, Taylor, Taylor.

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