Ridin Round ft Juicy J lyrics

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WIZ KHALIFA lyrics : "Ridin Round ft Juicy J"

[Verse 1: Wiz Khalifa]
Pulled up on some ^!$$%s stuntin'
I had to hop out, show em' I was really 'bout that money

Heard he was talkin', he was talkin', he ain't really want it
I'm from a place you want a problem ^!$$%s get it jumpin'
I mix some chronic up with hash up in the joint I'm stuffin'

And jump in my car, jump in my car, to the floor I'm gunnin'
And I've been %#@!tin' since before I could afford the plumbin'
You ^!$$%s keep on talkin' classics, I got more that's comin'

Order somethin', uh

[Break: Juicy J]

Yeah, I roll through my old neighborhood
North Memphis, Evergreen, Hollywood, ?
You know what, let's get it

[Verse 2: Juicy J]
Pushin' through my city like I'm Diddy, heavy on that dough

With a white girl with me in a two-seater, white girl full of coke
Straight from Memphis 10, ain't no hater gon' stop me
Juicy J been paid, got a Phantom in both pockets

I'm high as $#[email protected], can't even see
Lookin' for your baby-mama, that (*##$ with me
Say I'm gon' get her high, she gon' $#[email protected] for free

Man she looks much better when she on her knees
Put her on the cabbage, I don't do the babbage
Smokin' all the green, rockin' all these karots

Ridin' 'round gettin' high ain't a bad habit
Make weed disappear, do you believe in magic? (You believe in magic?)

[Outro: Juicy J]
Ride around get high all day
No worries man

Tryin' to get some #[email protected] tonight, you dig
And if a ^!$$% still call my phone man, it's gon' always be about cash
Real talk

Mmhmm, yup
I ain't chasin' a ho man
Real talk, I'm on a paper chase

Well you ^!$$%s could do that %#@! if you want, but uh
I got too much money tied up
So, on that note, ain't gon' never stop makin' money

I know a lot of ^!$$%s be like, "Damn, ^!$$% still at it"
I told you ^!$$%s, never
There will always be cash and hoes

Drugs, strip clubs ain't gon' never close
So y'all ^!$$%s know what it is

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