Ink My Whole Body lyrics

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WIZ KHALIFA lyrics : "Ink My Whole Body"

Whaddup Taylor Gang,

It's star year.
You know what it is!

Ink my whole body, I don't give a mother$#[email protected],

Ink my, ink my, whole body, I don't give a mother$#[email protected],
Ink, ink my, whole body, I don't give a mother$#[email protected],
Ink, ink my whole body, ink, ink my whole body...

[Verse 1:]
Got so many tats. you can't even count 'em up

In the shop ery'week, I can't seem to get enough
My aunt said my skin too clean to mark it up
But I'm a' "ink my whole body, I don't give a mother$#[email protected]"

I'm blowin' purp., no shirt
Windows down, screamin' "cash rules", showin' off my tattoos
Hoes spazzin' when they see me

Run up on me starstruck, askin' can they read me
See Mack told 'em sleeve me
Heard your man gotta' star tat. & tried to be me

I make it look easy, people say I'm crazy
Body marked up like the walls in the 80's
Speakers scream loud like a car full of babies

Chain's so sick, think my charm came with rabies
All I heard these days is (I think you're goin' overboad with it)
I ain't addicted, I'm comitted,

It's Wizzle man...


[Verse 2:]
Got stars over here, little star over there

Stars everywhere, 'cause ^!$$%' it's star year
The name star power, my jewelry star bright
The tat. on my face say I'm livin' the star life

And by the way, you know it's Taylor Gang
As soon as you see us, I'm ink up, from my feet up
I keep blunts flickin', new tats. ichin'

Black chucks coppin', new %#@! droppin'
I'm the one they call young,
Body marked up like the subway in harlem.

^!$$%s say it's "hard", white people think it's awesome
Chest, neck tatted, whole sleeve on my arm done
They say I look like Tyga man

I put some lime in the swisher sweet & twist it all up
Can't wear a shirt, the (*##$es lift it all up
I'm tattin' my body, 'til I filled it all up

[Chorus x2]

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Writer(s): Cameron Thomaz
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